About Us

About Us

Suite Shades has been serving condo communities all over Canada for nearly a decade, with service, quality, and choice. Suite Shades understands the sensitivities involved in condo installations such as condo board rules and by-laws, parking, and concierges. Most importantly, Suite Shades appreciates and can help condo owners augment their discerning style and taste in their home decor.

Suite Shades began offering outdoor flooring exclusively, then realized the natural fit — and need — for condo blinds and roller shades.

Suite Shades’s reputation for delivering unparalleled quality and service has been earned by intimately understanding how condos in the GTA work, from the design and layout, to the administrative realities of Condo life.

From flooring to window treatments

From floor to ceiling and the light in between. What does outdoor flooring have to do with blinds and shades? Everything we do at Suite Shades is about enhancing your experience of condo living and your quality of life at home.  

Many things affect your quality of life in a condo, and many of those things are affected by your ability to control natural light. Because we’re subject to sometimes wild seasonal temperature fluctuations, Suite Shades wanted to help condo owners like you create beautiful spaces outside and to make the most of the light and warmth to enhance your space inside. 

And that’s how Suite Shades was born.

The Suite Shades Journey

Suite Shades now offers some of the best industry-leading condo blinds in the country, providing condo owners with precision control over when and how much daylight enters their homes. They harness the same commitment to customer service and satisfaction that informs their outdoor flooring services. If you’re a new condo owner, you can expect the team at Suite Shades to provide guidance around condo rules, regulations, and governance. Your free  in-home consultation is no-strings-attached and you’ll receive your very own customized proposal. 

Find out more about our in-home consultations. 

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Expanding Home Experiences®

Suite Shades’s Purpose and Core Values

Suite Shades Outdoor Flooring is a brand whose culture is built “by design”. In place of a traditional mission statement we chose to develop a purpose statement, along with a set of core values and a unique value proposition. These foundational elements provide the platform from which we strive to serve each and every customer with excellence, passion, ethics and trustworthiness.

Core Values

  • Bring out the best in everyone
  • Be the solution
  • Deliver on every promise
  • If it’s to be, it’s up to me
  • Ever evolving
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