Let The Sun In

Transparent Fabrics

So many decorating options, so little time. Our transparent fabric collection includes linen, textured, sunscreen look, sequined paper … all allowing full outward visibility and a soft glow of natural light. Great for those northern exposure windows because they let in all available natural light. Pair them with drapery, allowing some warmth when the drapes are open and privacy when the drapes are closed.

Add a Warm Glow

Translucent Fabrics

When you want a little privacy and a warm, intimate glow. Diffuse sunlight, reduce glare, and protect your furniture and floors from harmful UV rays with the subtle sheen, pronounced textures, or multi tone options of our translucent fabrics. Rest easy knowing that in the evening, only silhouettes can be seen from the outside, even with the interior lights on. Eco-friendly and PVC free.

When You're Bashful

Privacy Fabrics

When privacy is important but you want to let a little light in. Our privacy fabrics are perfect for the bedroom or bathroom or where your windows face the street or the neighbours. Find the perfect fabric for contemporary or glamorous decor with patterns, tone on tone, multi-tone, solids, and textures.

Enough, Already!

Opaque Fabrics

Sleep easy. Our opaque fabrics are ideal for the bedroom. Or enjoy the vivid colours on screen in your home theatre. They’re perfect for that too because they block out the sunlight completely, protect your furnishings from UV, and act as a thermal insulator.
Our rich collection of opaque fabrics include a palette of exclusive colours, textures, and patterns. Seven of our styles also offer a matching translucent or privacy fabric so you can perfectly coordinate dual shades, or unify the look in your home by choosing similar patterns and colours that satisfy the light requirements of each space.

UV Protection Fabrics

SunScreen Fabrics

When you need to protect against UV, reduce glare or temperature, sunscreen is the solution. Our technical performance sunscreen fabrics give you the ultimate control over natural light. Feel good about the environment and your pocketbook as your air conditioner works less in summer and your heating system works less in winter. Diffused natural light can also reduce how much interior lighting you need, further reducing electricity costs.

Choose how much light you want to come in and how much you’d like to see out. Sunscreens are available in 1 percent, 3 percent, and 5 percent opennesses — meaning they block 99, 97, or 95 percent of the sun’s rays. Less light will come in with the 1 percent, more with the 5 percent.

Different colours of sunscreen give you even more flexibility. Darker colours provide a sharper view and absorb more heat, while lighter colours will reflect more light. Our DX sunscreen series offers the best of both worlds: a variety of colours, but the outward facing side is white.

Oh So Green

Eco/Sustainable Fabrics

The perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Be kind to the environment with sustainable, energy-efficient fabrics. No PVC, fire-retardant, performance fabrics with the benefits of sunscreen and the look of an elegant fabric. Some choices include metal backing for enhanced efficiency. Our eco/sustainable fabrics are the primary choice of designers and architects due to their sustainability, functionality, and beauty.

Here’s Lookin’ at You

Reflective Fabrics

Superior solar control performance, regardless of sunscreen or colour. Each square metre of reflective fabric can save over $100 in annual cooling costs when compared to glazing alone.

Suite Shades


Our fabric collection includes a wide variety of fabrics with different properties.




Sound Absorbing

Matching Sets

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