Free In Home Blinds Consultation

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Free In-Home Blinds Consultation

Find out more about a Suite Shades package from Suite Shades with your own FREE in-home consultation. No obligation, no strings attached. This is how you can learn about and choose the best products and approach for your home.

Simply call us, set a time that works for you, and we’ll arrive with products to help you get a sense of what your condo could look like dressed in Suite Shades Suite Shades.

We are meticulous and take precise measurements to make sure you get the perfect Suite Shades for your space. We’ll always recommend a solution that makes the most sense based on your layout, interior design, and daylight needs.

Free Blind Consultation and Evaluation

We assess your condo living space to determine the products and features that’ll make the most sense for you and your home.

Together we’ll analyze the sun exposure and explore how our contemporary automated, fully-controllable blinds will allow you to customize when and where your blinds open to optimize natural light at key times during the day.

Do you have unique noise requirements in your home? Not a problem! Our Suite Shade options utilize quiet motor technology so they can be adjusted with little sound or disturbance.

Expert Analysis

During your free in-home blinds consultation we’ll also describe the additional benefits of our Suite Shades, including glare reduction and protection for your furniture and flooring against harmful UV rays. You’ll get to see how our products work and ask questions. We’re here to be sure you understand everything you need about the products and how they work so you can make the best decision for you and your space.

There is no obligation on your part. Just tell us what your plans are and we’ll bring the blinds consultation right to you.

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For general inquiries and information, or to schedule your FREE in-home consultation. Please visit our contact page or give us a call.

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