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Condo Blinds and Technology

Suite Shades provides GTA condo owners access to the most technologically-advanced and elegant automated window treatments made by the best in the business and installed with unparalleled precision and dedication. Our Suite Shades and blinds are locally manufactured by the best in the business: Sun Glow and Lutron.

Sun Glow Condo Blinds

Sun Glow is a local Toronto company that’s been making specialty, luxury, and custom window treatments since 1983. Many of the most beautiful and luxurious condos throughout the GTA turn to Suite Shades & Sun Glow when they want unmatched craftsmanship and quality.

Suite Shades’s Suite Shades offerings use Sun Glow’s extensive collection of fabrics. These fabrics are eco-friendly, fire-resistant, antimicrobial, sound absorbing, with reflective and/or metalized backings, and are the perfect complement to our state-of-the-art condo blinds and Suite Shades.

Lutron Automation Technology

Lutron is widely recognized as an industry leader in home automation and lighting control, and the gold standard when it comes to dimmers and automated systems. We partner with Lutron because of their reputation.
Lutron's smart home solutions and their unbeatable tech solutions are the reason our automated blinds are customizable and effective. Combined with Sun Glow's luxurious, energy-efficient, reflective fabrics, Suite Shades blinds are well worth the investment for any GTA condo owner.

Suite Shades has found a winning combination with these two manufacturers, and the window treatments we have created using the best of both offer GTA residents a truly unique set of home decor options. Our Suite Shades and blinds will enhance your space, save you money, and take condo living in Southern Ontario to a whole new level.

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